It's intimidating to ask for a raise.  You know you're worth it, but for some reason, it still makes you nauseous to have that conversation.  This little tip might be the difference for you. 

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted something?  You wouldn't just walk up to your parents and belt it out that you wanted to go over to your friend's house at the wrong time.  You had to set the stage first...get them in a good mood so they were more likely to say yes, right?

This is kind of the same psychology represented in this study.

According to, a study was done to see if holding a warm or cold beverage had an impact on how subjects felt about certain things.  They were asked to hold either a warm beverage or a cold one while they rated a stranger's personality.

After the experiment, one of the co-authors had this to say:

“What we found was that there was a significant difference between the two groups, such that participants who held the hot coffee cup saw person A as being more generous, more sociable.” - Lawrence Williams

So if your boss doesn't drink coffee, remember tea might do the job too.  Heck, maybe a warm glass of anything might work.  Just make sure it's warm.  It may be little, and let's be honest, it may not work...but it's worth the try, right?

Your parents didn't say 'yes' every time, but they were more likely to say yes when you had just finished cleaning your room right?

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