You've heard the popular phrases, "money can't buy happiness" and even "mo' money, mo' problems" right?  Well according to a few new studies, that's not necessarily true.  There are three ways that having more money CAN make you happier.

Buying THINGS might not do the trick, but spending money can still make you happy.  Parting with your cash over things like experiences and other people are the way to do it.

1.  Spending money on EXPERIENCES like vacations and sporting events.  Researchers at Cornell found that buying STUFF only makes you happy in the short term.  But paying for things that you do can make you happier in the LONG TERM.



2.  Spending money to free up your own time.  For example, a study at Stanford found that paying for a housekeeper DID make people happier.  But only if they could afford it.  Think about it.  If you can't afford it, won't it just make you stress about affording it?



3.  Spending money on other people. Pick up the check at a restaurant or the tab at a bar. And it doesn't even matter how much the check is.  Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that even buying your friend a DRINK can put you in a better mood.

(Business Insider)

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