This is pretty nuts. In Sarasota, Florida, they have an event that is ALL ABOUT BUFFALO, NY.

Buffalo bands fly down to come.

Former Buffalo athletes fly down. 

Buffalo restaurants supply the food.

Buffalo bars supply the beer.

I mean, and this happens all in FLORIDA!

Buffalo singers Matthew Facciolla, Eric Van Houten and Frankie Scinta, former Bill and Sabre Steve Christie and Dave Andreychuk, respectively will be flying in. Foods includie Anchor Bar, Rosina Food Products Authentic NY Italian Pastas; Chef’s, Sahlen’s; Casa Di Pizza; Charlie The Butcher’s Restaurants -Beef on Weck; Labatt Blue, Wardynski Meats; Bison Dip and Platter’s Chocolate for some Sponge Candy!

Just goes to show you how much of an impact the City of Good Neighbors really makes.

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