If you have Disney+ or even if you're on social media often, then you know about Baby Yoda. The new Star Wars series The Mandalorian is exclusively on Disney+ and features a new character known as "Baby Yoda."

The baby isn't called "Baby Yoda" in the show but that's obviously the name everyone has given it. It's the same species as the Yoda we all know and love.

Now, you'll be able to buy Baby Yoda toys, According to WIVB, Hasbro will be releasing a line of Baby Yoda toys and merchandise in time for the holiday shopping season.

They will be available at many major retailers, such as Amazon, Kohl's, Target, Macy's and Hot Topic.

They have currently released three episodes of The Mandalorian and all I can say is it lives up to the hype! My fiancee also thinks Baby Yoda is more adorable than our dog, which was quite the statement!

Read the story at WIVB.

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