Pie day is here! March 14 is not only a big day for mathematicians here in New York State, it is also a great day for FREE pizza.

We can argue about who has the best pizza in town. Typically, the local guys seem to know the perfect recipe and the perfect way to cook/bake a pizza. But every now and again, it is nice to eat at a chain like Pizza Hut.

This week, many places are offering free items on their menu in honor of 3-14. From dessert pies to pizza pies, have your phone ready and get those apps open and get ready to eat!

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Pie day (technically "pi") is also a big day for those who love numbers and math. A family member got married on 3-14 and both people in the couple are math teachers. There are some dates on the calendar that are just fun. For example, May 4th. Can you even think about, or mention that date without some thought of Star Wars?

As for the Pie Day deals, most locations ask you to download their app to your phone for the free deals or discounts.

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