Recently, there were walkouts planned at some of the busiest and most popular pharmacies and stores in New York State for a variety of reasons. As we enter the busy cold and flu season, it seems as though there is still a risk for some of these to close all together.

Yahoo Finance was reporting that this may affect a few pharmacies in your neighborhood or city.

The walkout, which has been dubbed "Pharmageddon" on social media platforms such as Meta's Facebook where it was largely planned, started on Monday and led to the closing of some stores in New York City, two organizers told Reuters.

Most people have their favorite pharmacy. It may be around the corner and local or one of the larger, chain-style pharmacies like a Rite Aid or Walgreens. Recent reports indicate that some of the workers at Walgreens will be walking off the job soon.

As for the latest news, there are reports that some major pharmacies may have to close as a result of shortages.

With the cold weather and the Holiday get togethers and stress, there certainly is an increase in the amount of colds and flu symptoms. More and more people you know are coming down with COVID as well. Hopefully in 2024 we see a change in the trend and pharmacies can stay open.

In a recent report, there is good financial news as two of the most popular pharmacies in the nation are still making good revenue.

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