Going to places around Western New York on a daily basis, you run across some pretty crazy parking jobs.

Sometimes you assume it's because the person was in a hurry or maybe just a hit lazy, when the vehicle is barely on the yellow parking line. Sometimes it's street parking, and a car is either way too far off the curb or parked far too close to a bumper.

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Then there are other instances where the vehicle is parked so far into another spot, it has to be done on purpose? We have all seen these type of instances and I witness another yesterday in West Seneca.

After I left a store yesterday, I noticed a vehicle that was parked so far over into the other spot, it had to have been on purpose, right?

Chris Owen
Chris Owen

I get wanting to not have anyone park around you but never leave your vehicle parked like that. It's even worse when it's an extremely busy plaza or parking lot, such as Wegmans, Tops or the Walden Galleria. Some people might be dealing with injuries and other health problems and don't have a handicap permit or the handicap spots are taken.

I remember seeing a car parked like this at Wegmans, but it was on the far side by the curb and the vehicle was backed in, meaning the vehicle's driver backed it up and left it parked perfectly into two parking spaces...

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