I love my Golden Retriever Bailey.  He is my constant companion.  Whatever I am doing at home, he is usually right next to me.  I even take him with me when I go to friends houses.  I try to be the best dog owner I can possibly be.  When you own a breed like a Golden Retriever, you really have to get your dog groomed.  It helps to keep your dog healthy and makes the dog look better as well. 

Yesterday, I took Bailey to get groomed at a place called, "Oh! You Dirty Dog!" on Main Street in the Village of Williamsville.  Oh! You Dirty Dog! is a self serve dog wash but they also offer grooming services. I always take Bailey there to get his bath.  Dog groomer Amanda did a spectacular job with Bailey.  It almost seems that even he knows he looks good.  My dog is now all set to enjoy his Summer with a nice clean look.