The summer months are here and that means you might be spending more time out in the barn, the garden or just out around your property and so are the little critters!

Little creatures like mice, snakes and chipmunks might be creating some havoc for you in the yard or at your place of business and nothing works harder or hunts better than a good BARN CAT! You are in luck, there are plenty of willing and able cats looking for some employment these days.

We spoke with Gina Lattuca from the SPCA Serving Erie County about Feral Cat Focus Inc. and the availability of cats that can help to control the mice population around your place.

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Cats are really easy keepers and many times, cats are doing the work and you rarely even see them! This is a great way to help local animal shelters find homes for the high numbers of cats and reduce the number of those little critters that are making messes and tearing up your flowers around your barn!

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