Singer-songwriter Baylee Littrell grew up in the spotlight as the son of Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell, but the 18-year-old has talent that stands on its own.

The Georgia native grew up around his grandparents playing the memorable tunes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette, so country music pulsed through his blood at a young age.

The budding artist first made a splash with his debut album, 770-Country, in 2019. Flash forward to 2021 and the singer’s latest single, “Some Guys,” was one of the first songs Littrell ever recorded in Nashville. It occupies significance past the song itself.


“That song is about three or four years old. This was really before I started writing,” he tells Taste of Country.

Littrell had the opportunity to record some demos at Florida Georgia Line’s publishing company, Tree Vibez, and it was only upward from there. When he was deciding which songs would make the cut for his 770 Country album, he knew “Some Guys” had to be one of them. Crafted by FGL's Tyler Hubbard, it’s an upbeat number that Littrell can relate to.

“It’s the fact that some guys just need a girl. Some people are just so much better in a relationship – and I thought, 'Man, seriously,'" Littrell says with a laugh.

As fans listen, Littrell is hoping they take away a bigger message from “Some Guys."

“We’re so afraid to be ourselves and afraid to open up — take that leap of faith to go ask someone out on a date,” Littrell notes. He feels like it’s a good reminder for himself, as well.

"Some guys take time to grow up / Some guys, they never change / 'Til some sweet angel shows him God's amazing grace / She'll save his Southern stubborn rough around the edges world / I know it first hand 'cause I got one / Yeah, some guys just need a girl," he sings in the chorus.

When it came to deciding on the music video for "Some Guys," Littrell’s mom and manager, Leighanne Littrell, was the one who encouraged her son to release a live concert version of the song, rather than an overly produced clip.

“That was my first concert back of 2021 back in late March,” he recalls. “We had a concert at a place called Mad Life in Woodstock, Ga."

It was a socially distanced show, one that they decided to record just in case they ever wanted to use the material going forward. He’s glad they did.

“We got 'Some Guys' and just thought hey, live music video…this is perfect,” Littrell expresses.

With “Some Guys” out now, Littrell is crafting new music for fans that will be different than his first album in many ways.

“It is very different, but yet similar some ways as a lot of the production is done by Daniel Ross, who produced a lot of songs on my first album,” he says. “So far all of the songs I’ve recorded in the studio have been one hundred percent written by me. It’s the first taste of true original Baylee Littrell music.”

The singer is eagerly awaiting fans to hear the music he’s been writing.

“It’s very artsy, very spiritual — it could really go any way when it comes to genre,” he says. “It sits anywhere, and I’m super excited to see what people think of it. We’ve done every recording so far with a live band, so it’s got a very authentic feel.”

As he moves on to his next projects, Littrell is grateful for everyone who believed in "Some Guys."

“To have the blessing to be able to record it, I give them all my thanks [Tree Vibez, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley] — I just appreciate them.”

Listen to “Some Guys” and the singer’s 770-Country album wherever digital music is streamed.

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