All in all, we're pretty fortunate here in Western New York and New York State, when it comes to the amount of dangerous insects and other pests to look out for.

However, there are some to keep an eye out for, as they can cause harm. Spiders are vital for the ecosystem, but they're also a common bug that make people's skin crawl. Most spiders in New York State are relatively harmless, but there are two to watch out for if you're outdoors or even indoors.

According to the DEC, there are two poisonous spiders that reside in New York State. They are the yellow sac spiders, known as the Cheiracanthium mildei and C. inclusum.

These spiders lack the ability to spin capture webs and usually reside in vegetation, under rocks or leaves and even have been known to enter homes, looking for prey.

These spiders have necrotic venom that causes painful and itchy sores if they bite you. These sores are very slow to heal, usually in days to weeks. The bite may also cause nausea or cramping.

In fact, the bite of a yellow sac spider looks and acts very similarly to a Brown Recluse spider, which is not commonly found in New York State. The aftereffects of a Brown Recluse bite typically last longer, however.

Despite the long recovery time of a yellow sac spider, they are not known to cause serious harm. Many bites to humans from yellow sac spiders in New York State are mistaken for Brown Recluse.

Despite known cases, Black Widow spiders are not common to New York, but rather warm weather climates.

You can read more about these spiders here.

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