This morning there was a bear in a neighborhood in the Cheektowaga, Depew area that has everyone talking!

There was one spotted in the nighborhood by the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It was spotted on Surfside Parkway, which is in a neighborhood off of Dick Road between Genesee and George Urban. (If you're unfamiliar of the area, think: across the street from the airport behind the hotels and McDonald's).

Police are saying to avoid the area.

Pet food and bird feeders can attract bears normally. According to the Human Society:

Bears are normally wary of people, but if a bear finds food without getting frightened away, he may come back for more. Each time this happens, he can become less fearful—and this habituation can lead to problems. Conflicts can heighten during hyperphagia, a feeding frenzy in late summer and fall in which bears bulk up for hibernation, gaining 3-4 pounds and consuming 20,000 calories a day.

This isn't the first time a bear has been spotted in the Cheektowaga, Depew area. In the beginning of the Summer one was spotted over in the same area that there was this morning--just off of George Urban last time.

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Here is another bear sighting from this Summer, but in West Seneca.

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