Dierks Bentley's old job was probably the most unappealing.

Dierks here may not only have the worst former job of any country star but, he probably has the worst former job of any person of all time. The 'I Hold On' singer used to be a toilet cleaner. A TOILET CLEANER. I don't even like cleaning my own toilet at home and couldn't even imagine cleaning anyone else's toilet, especially public ones. Throughout one whole summer near his hometown of Tempe, Arizona, he was working for lake front properties at Lake Powell. There,  he had to clean 250-gallon portable toilets.  Dierks says, "It usually had a week's worth of 'stuff' in there from the 10 to 12 houseboat guests. Once, the old machine used to empty the toilets backfired, sending the hose and all the stuff straight up into the air. "I tried to outrun the rain," he says. "Got nailed."

I give the man props. LOTS of props.  What was the worst job you ever worked?

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