Some people heard that there were no workers. Others told us that the bakery was connected to the storefront, so if one COVID-19 case walked in, they would have to shut down, whatever the reason is, it does not matter anymore because COSTANZO'S HAD REOPENED, FOLKS!
Arguably, the best place to grab a breakfast sandwich is Buffalo. Don't even bother arguing someone from Cheektowaga or West Seneca on this statement.
Costanzo's is a Buffalo staple and we are so excited that they are back open to the public. Also, their rolls are sandwich-changing. Though, some may say that the rolls pre-packaged aren't as good (and they are still good) as the ones bought fresh right from the storefront. If you have never been before, you have to go check it out. After all, when was the last time you were at this Buffalo staple?
When is Costanzo's open?

Costanzo's Bakery

30 Innsbruck Dr, Cheektowaga, NY 14227

(right off of Union Road)

Breakfast Hours:
8 am -12 pm
Roll pick up:
8 am - 4 pm
Last week, we had Kadie Day cruising and broadcasting while in a Cheektowaga snow plow, getting an up-and-personal viewpoint for us of what it is really like being a plow operator and they took a pit stop to the re-opening of Costanzo's.
The rumors are true!!! We are open!!!
Our big plans were buried under a little bit of snow but we did it!!!  We’re back…..huge shout out to all of the customers who weathered the storm and stopped by for a breakfast sandwich and buttered rolls!! #WestHerr#townofcheektowaga#wyrk", they wrote on Facebook.

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