How many times have you skipped breakfast because there just wasn't time?  Stop doing that!  Instead, check out some of these places for a quick sandwich.

Breakfast sandwiches could be the perfect breakfast food.  They've got some carbs in there, tons of protein, and if you get them at the right place, could be the best thing you eat all day.  Where pancakes and waffles are tough to eat on the go, breakfast sandwiches are perfect for eating on the go or in the car.

But let's be honest, not all breakfast sandwiches are created equal.  There are three things that can make a breakfast sandwich horrible.

1.  The eggs are gross.  If the eggs aren't cooked just right, it can ruin the sandwich.

2.  There's not enough breakfast meat on it.  If you order a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and you don't get bacon in every bite, they're doing it wrong.  If the bagel on the sandwich is much bigger than the sausage patty, they're doing it wrong.

3.  There's something wrong with the bread.  Whatever you choose to put your breakfast sandwich on has to be just right.  If you choose the wrong type of bagel, or the roll isn't toasted but still soft, you're not going to love that sandwich as much as you should.

So where are the best places to get one of these incredible sandwiches in Western New York?  I asked you for your suggestions on facebook, and within an hour had a ton of responses.  The one restriction that I had was that it couldn't be a fast food place...


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