National days of celebration involving food always seem silly...until it's a food that you love.  Today could be one of those days.

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January 30th has been designated "National Croissant Day" by whoever it is that gets to designate national days.  This means today is National Croissant Day (unless you're reading this on another day - but it's ok...we can pretend every day is National Croissant Day.  We won't tell anyone.).

Yes, those buttery, flaky pastries get their very own day.

Now, there's no question about whether national croissant day is anywhere close to as popular as National Donut Day.  It's not.  But it probably should be.  You can do so much with croissants.  Just heat them up and throw some butter on them...fill them with jams and jellies, or make a whole breakfast sandwich out of them.  A little swiss, some ham, and an egg and you are in business! They're good when they're either savory or sweet.  Almond croissants are some people's favorite flavors.  Much like an almond ring or almond bread, an almond croissant is perfect in the morning with a little coffee.

Unfortunately, most of the places that make croissants fresh are the kind of places that only serve breakfast later in the week or on weekends.  So to find a place on a Monday that has incredible croissants is pretty tough.  Always call ahead whenever you see a list like this to make sure they will be open before you make the drive.

So where are the best places to get that french bakery taste and enjoy a flaky, buttery croissant?  Here are some of your suggestions:

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