If you are planning to buy your first home in 2023, there is some new information that may helpful to you and help to make the decision easier. There are so many things to consider when it comes to buying a home but the biggest is location, location, location.

The interest rates are not ideal for buying a home these days. However, many realtors and real estate professionals tell us that has not slowed down some buyers. Especially those who are eager to get their very first home.

Here in New York State, it was reported that we have one of the best towns in the entire country for first-time buyers.

Mattydale, New York finished in ninth place in the latest list that was put together by Realtor.com. The rankings are based on multiple factors including job opportunities, affordability, commute times, and the number of places to eat and drink.

As the family grows, the next decision is whether or not to get a larger home or expand what you have? Once you have established a home in an area with good schools and the conveniences you want, it is hard to leave that area. But over the last couple of years, people have been buying homes in record numbers and paying much more than the asking price.

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