When you go out to eat at a local restaurant, there are always go-to orders for more people -- basically, the most popular items on an given menu.

Here in Buffalo and Western New York, chicken wings are the go-to order. Beef on weck is another popular choice, along with the standards like chicken fingers, burgers and appetizers.

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One of the most hidden gem orders to make at a restaurant are any kind of melts. Your patty melts, turkey melts and tuna melts.

I've always found it curious how tuna melts are not as popular as they once were. When I was a kid, they were everywhere and on almost every menu. Nowadays, they're harder to locate and some of the places that used to sell them, took them off the menu altogether.

It's a pretty simple sandwich.

Tuna salad, cheese (usually cheddar or American), sliced tomatoes and on either rye or sourdough bread. It may seem unappealing to some but for many (including myself), they're delicious.

With the number of awesome local restaurants we have in Western New York, there are enough great places to find tuna melts. No surprise, a few of them are diners, who traditionally sell tuna melts in that throwback setting.

Here are some of the best restaurants for a tuna melt in Western New York.

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