Party season is upon us.  If you are planning a party soon, what will you have on hand for your guests to do?

In Buffalo, outdoor party season doesn't last long.  Granted, that doesn't stop Buffalonians from partying outside.  But the window to do certain things is only open for a limited time, so we like to take advantage as often as we can.

There's nothing like a warm afternoon out in the sun with a cold beverage and some friends while you play a game.  Most of the time, those games involve tossing or throwing something across the yard.  They're normally simple games that can take your mind off of things even if just for a couple of minutes.

If you're planning any party that will involve you being outside, what will you have on hand for your guests to do?  There are plenty of options.

Some are more dangerous than others.  How many times do you remember running around when you were a little kid at a party then suddenly hearing "WATCH IT!" followed by the uncomfortable sound of a horseshoe that just whizzed past your head and landed with a thump not far from where you were just running?  It was a dangerous game to be around and there were adults drinking heavily when they were playing it.  I won't even get into Jarts (or lawn darts) and how dangerous (but fun) those things were.

Always take the proper precautions when choosing games for your party, but if you're going to have people over this summer, you should have at least one or two of these on hand for them to play.

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