The summer of 2021 is chugging along and as we get ready for the middle of August to begin, construction delays will begin as well.

According to officials In the Lancaster area, driver should know that Walden Avenue will be shut down beginning at 7 AM and re-opening at 2 PM. Construction is going to be happening for the next several days and a detour has also been posted. If you travel along Pavement, Route 33 or Ransom Road, you should expect extra company as people will be coming from Walden Avenue to take that detour.

There are signs in place that will let you know about where the detours begin and how traffic will be affected.

There has been lots of construction happening throughout western New York this summer as is typical for our area. The old joke is true, there are two seasons in Buffalo winter and construction.

I will say that the work that has been done along route five in the Lackawanna and Woodlawn area has really improved the quality of the drive to downtown Buffalo. There are still some things that need to be completed before fall begins, but so far so good as things are starting to open back up to full speed on that stretch of road.

For those who travel along the 219 near the 90, there are also construction delays that are still in place however they seem to have been more than halfway through that project as August began.

Make sure you have the WYRK Buffalo app on your phone and tune in weekday mornings and afternoons for our WYRK traffic reports. Many times we have listeners who see things and call us right away and we can report them in just a matter of minutes. Also keep in mind that there are rules in place to make sure that those working in the work zones are kept as safe as possible. Obey the speed limit in the work zone and everybody will get home safely.

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