January and February are usually not the ideal months to go out to eat at restaurants. It's cold, schedules are busier since it's the first quarter of the year, and people might still be financially tight after the holidays.

But it's always great to go out and support local restaurants, bars and breweries any time of year, especially during the winter, when there might be less business.

If you are planning on heading out to grab some food and drinks, it's important to know that one popular brewery will be closing for a week and a half.

According to their social media accounts, Big Ditch Brewing Company will be temporarily closing their taproom; from Monday, January 31st through Thursday, February 10th.

The reason is for cosmetic touchups and kitchen maintenance.

If you want to go to Big Ditch Brewing Company, it's best to do so between now and Sunday, before they take 11 days off.

Speaking of Big Ditch Brewing, they got the official federal approval for their production brewery at 101 Oak Street in Downtown Buffalo this past week, which is just two minutes away from their main location.

Really cool to see Big Ditch Brewing Company taking off like this and hopefully, we get that much talked about second location up on Transit Road in the next few years.

I can't wait to see what Big Ditch Brewing has in store for 2022 and what changes are made while they take 11 days off.

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