There's nothing quite like a Sunday brunch. It's usually the time of the week that families have the chance to go out and grab some breakfast food, without the stress and worry of a workday.

Many people go after church, or they get up later than usual and go grab breakfast food when lunch is usually enjoyed (noon).

Brunch on Sundays were special growing up and it's now that way with my fiancée.

We were both debating on where to go for brunch this past Sunday. We knew we wanted something different than the ordinary breakfast, so we decided to go to a place I had only ever been for dinner and drinks...Big Ditch Brewing Company.

Big Ditch is located on E. Huron Street in Downtown Buffalo and if you did not realize, they have a Sunday brunch, which happens every week from 10 am to 3 pm.

It was everything we were hoping it would be and then some. The one thing that left the biggest impression on me was the fact they had a brunch dish called "Pancake Lasagna."

It's layered pancake sheets, with Nutella and bananas in between, with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate ganache. It's one of the most amazing dishes I;ve ever had in Western New York.

The rest of the brunch was outstanding, but the pancake lasagna was without a doubt, the highlight of it all.

I have never seen a dish creation like it and wondering if anyone else in Buffalo has anything similar?

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