For once, a major snowstorm will spare Buffalo...sort of.

You may have heard but in case you didn't, there's a major snowstorm that is expected to start late on Wednesday in the northeast. The storm is being hyped up as the biggest in years that will impact the northeast, according to NBC News.

The heaviest snow will fall across Pennsylvania, New York City, New Jersey, Maryland and parts of New England from late Wednesday through Thursday. Some isolated areas could see two feet of snow, while many others will see at least a foot of snow that will severely impact travel, along with package deliveries.

The good news is the bad stuff misses Western New York, but snow will still fall in our region starting Wednesday evening.

According to WIVB, anywhere from 1-3 inches will fall in downtown Buffalo and areas east and north. The southern tier will see 2-4 inches, so some in Western New York will likely have to break out the shovel on Thursday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, the snow is gone from our area but it'll still be impacting in other areas of the northeast. There's a Winter Storm Warning in effect for Potter County, PA from noon on Wednesday to 10 am on Thursday. A Winter Storm Watch in effect for McKean County during the same time period.

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I love snow during the holidays but I'm very happy we will miss this huge snowstorm other than a few inches. No thank you.

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