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Activists have really stepped up to the plate, trying to get legislation passed that would not allow Pet Stores to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits at the store. The bill would make it illegal for stores to sell these animals, who many claim, get their animals from mills. For example, puppy mills are these high-volume dog breeding facility that churns out animals for fast profits.

How does this help? Many claim that mills breed dogs so fast, that there are not great living and health conditions and if they stop supplying pet stores with dogs, cats and rabbits, they cut off some of the demand.

Members of the New York State Senate and Assembly Agriculture Committees have passed specific bills and will now go on to the full State Assembly and Senate for a vote.

This ban would be for the entire State of New York but it is important to note that fewer and fewer pet stores in the Western New York area have carried dogs in their pet stores and that this is still a very big problem in the New York City area.

I just can't stress enough that this bill does not ban puppy mills and it will not stop puppy mill breeders - especially those in other states from selling into New York State. It just prohibits the retail sale of what are mostly small businesses from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits", says State Senator George Borrello according to WGRZ.

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