You might remember a couple of months ago, Fox Sports had a poll tournament that pitted fans of all 32 NFL teams against one another to see who would be crowned the "Best Fans in Football."

No surprise here, but the Buffalo Bills fans won since, well, Bills Mafia is the best and there was never a doubt they would win something like that.

Fox Sports said that whoever won would be allowed to put a billboard in any opposing city they wanted, and naturally, Bills fans picked the billboard to go up in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the home of the New England Patriots.

Today, Fox Sports announced the billboard has arrived and will be displayed starting December 21st -- one week before the Bills play the Patriots in week 16 of the NFL season.

My favorite part will be random Patriots fans driving down the highway and not knowing the backstory. They see it and go "WHAT!?!"

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It would've been cool to see this in Miami too but over the past 20 years, no organization is a bigger rival for Bills fans than the Patriots, so this makes perfect sense.

Go Bills!

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