It's that time of the year, when people go to the grocery store to purchase items for the big game coming up on Sunday.

Sadly, the Buffalo Bills will not be participating in the Super Bowl this season, as heartbreaking as that is. However, that doesn't mean Buffalo and Western New York won't watch the Super Bowl.

It's a tradition to eat things like pizza, wings, snacks and beer during the Super Bowl. I'm sure you have been to a Super Bowl party before.

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I was shopping for Super Bowl food items today at the Wegmans in West Seneca on Orchard Park Road, and I noticed an awesome item that I had to buy.

Normally, I would purchase tortilla chips anyway, but after seeing a giant Bills logo on the bag, how could you not?

Have you seen these lately at Wegmans?

It's a pretty easy way to sell an item in Buffalo, and hey, I had to have some Bills chips for sure.

That wasn't all though.

If you love Easter candy, and you adore Reese's, the fan-favorite Reese's eggs are also back on the store shelves!

If you're wondering, yes, the entire assortment of Easter candy was also there; peeps, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, Robbins eggs, and much more.

It's not even Valentine's Day yet, and we still have two months before Easter Sunday, but you knew the stores would get a head start on the Easter candies.

I'm certainly not complaining. Reese's eggs and Bills-themed chips. Sounds good to me!

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