The Buffalo Bills will host the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium tomorrow night and oh boy, does it look like a snow game for the ages, not just for the Bills, but in NFL history.

There's a lake effect snow warning for most of Western New York, including all of Erie County.

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The warning begins tonight but Saturday is the day to keep an eye on. The lake effect snow band is expected to be at its strongest by Saturday evening, along with being over the south towns...which means Highmark Stadium might be the epicenter for this storm.

Anywhere from 10-24 inches of snow is expected, with 18-24 inches in the heart of the band; or where the band sets up mostly.

There may be close to a foot already on the ground by the time the game starts, but according to Katie Morse of WKBW, fans can expect 5 inches of snow for their tailgate.

Another few inches is expected for the game and 10-12 inches for fans on their way home. Mid-to-late Saturday night is supposed to be the peak, and could cause horrible driving conditions for fans leaving Highmark Stadium.

This looks like another version of the Bills home game against the Indianapolis Colts back in December of 2017, which was almost to the day of this game against Miami.

One thing is for sure, the Dolphins and the Bills will not be able to have their usual game plans. The passing game will be severely impacted.

If the Dolphins think they're going to be able to run go-routes to Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle, they're mistaken. Also, expect a few quarterback-designed runs from Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

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