It's never easy to get an straight answer out of someone when you're asking about terrible weather.  Take it from this Rochester reporter.

It's not that out of the ordinary to get snow in Western New York in April.  But it never feels good.  This time of year, people in general seem to be ready to move on to spring and summer.  So to get them to want to sit around and talk about it must be a tough task to ask of someone.

But someone has to do it.  Ask Scott Barstow.  He was sent out at 5 o'clock in the morning to ask people in Rochester how they felt about the snow in April.  Needless to say...the conversation probably didn't go the way he anticipated that it might.

Let's be honest though, the impression is pretty darn good!

Now we need to know who this Bills fan is!  What's his name?  What does he do?  Has he ever been on TV or radio before?

Does he really love the weather?  Or is that just what he wanted to say to end the interview?

So far this spring, we've already beaten a couple records.  Just a few weeks ago, we shattered a high temperature record and today we've already beaten a snowfall record.  One week it's 80, the next we've got 30 and snow.

It looks like we are going to be on the upswing after today though.  Starting next Tuesday we will see temperatures mostly in the 60s and even in the 70s pretty much all week!


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