The Buffalo Bills just suffered one of their worst losses since 2017, which was head coach Sean McDermott's first year in Buffalo.

The Bills lost 9-6 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, in a game the Bills were favored by 14.5 points against a previously one-win team.

The biggest problem during the game was the offensive line, who didn't give quarterback Josh Allen any time to throw, outside of quick screen passes or checkdowns.

Allen eventually got frustrated and threw two terrible interceptions, along with losing a fumble. The offense played putrid. The defense didn't play bad, giving up zero touchdowns to the Jaguars.

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After the game, Jaguars cornerback Shaquill Griffin had some very interesting postgame comments.

"One thing I noticed was 'I don't think they have the same energy as us'" said Griffin.

He added.

"Look on the sideline, you watching them walking around, it's like they don't care. I said 'they don't deserve this.'"

You can watch the video off Griffin's comments below.

Bills fans are not feeling good at all about those comments, and Go Long founder Tyler Dunne is correct when he says these comments are an indictment on McDermott's coaching staff.

This is a gigantic wake up call for the Bills. Losing to a one-win team like that, without scoring a single touchdown, when other AFC teams won around you in the standings, and these scary comments about the Bills game day demeanor.

McDermott and company have a lot of work to do this week. The Bills proved on Sunday they cannot coast through any game they want.

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