Fans have begun to ask for a change from the Buffalo Bills.  Today they made their first move by firing a coach that has been with McDermott since 2017.

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Is it a knee-jerk reaction from the fans or does something need to be done differently?  The logic is that for the last couple of years, the Bills have been pretty good in the regular season but by the time the playoffs come around, they just don't have what it takes to get over the hump.

Some fans believe that it's time to see some changes in the front office.

Today, the Bills made their first move to the coaching staff according to Alaina Getzenberg.

Jim Salgado was one of the first coaches for the Bills to focus on nickels.  He was moved to safeties this year.

Is this the right person to let go of?  If there was one position that suffered from injuries the most all year, it was the safeties.  First, it was Micah Hyde who was sidelined after the second game of the year with a neck injury.  All year, Jordan Poyer fought through injuries, and of course, we know that Hyde's backup was Damar Hamlin.  The safeties were plagued with injury all year.

The last game against the Bengals shook the Bills.  Not only did they get over 20 points put up on them, but they only scored 10.  The offense that was so explosive at the beginning of the year was only able to put up 10 in a playoff game at home.  Which was worse, the defense giving up 14 right away in the 1st quarter, or the offense only delivering 10 through 4 quarters?

This might be the first of many changes to the coaching staff over the next couple of weeks.

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