The Buffalo Bills are preparing for the the start of unrestricted free agency, which will begin on the afternoon of March 16th.

General manager Brandon Beane has 15 players who are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents, but the Bills are projected to have little cap room for 2022, so the team would need to make some moves (restructures, trades, releases) in order to create enough cap space to sign their own and/or sign free agents elsewhere.

The Bills could also make a big-time trade, like potentially going after disgruntled Minnesota Vikings edge rusher, Danielle Hunter.

The other big news in regards to the Bills is the potential new stadium, which by many accounts is close to being agreed upon by the team, NFL, Erie County and New York State.

A report recently from Jason Wolf of The Buffalo News, said the fact that the NFL could supply $150 million and the Pegulas $200 million, towards the $1.4 billion stadium.

That would mean much of the funding, over half, would be from taxpayers.

In a recent story from Dan Graziano of ESPN, because of the fact the Bills and the NFL are on the verge of announcing a new stadium that taxpayers would have to may a significant amount for, the word around the league is the Bills could make a big splash in free agency this off-season.

To help keep enthusiasm for the team "as high as possible."

It looks as if the new Bills stadium in Orchard Park, across from Highmark Stadium, will be a done deal in the coming weeks.

I get the thinking. Make a big move or two to help fan morale and cushion the blow of paying taxpayer dollars for a billionaire's stadium, but the Bills should try to improve the team anyway.

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