The Buffalo Bills will play at the New England Patriots tomorrow night in Foxborough. It’s the third division game of the season for Buffalo and all of them have been played on the road.

This kicks off a three-game stretch against AFC East opponents.

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The Bills will next play the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium on December 11th at 1 pm. That game could’ve been played on Sunday Night Football, according to a report.

According to NFL reporter for the Jets and Giants, Connor Hughes, the league wanted Jets at Bills to be flexed into the Sunday Night Football time slot next week. However, CBS protected the game and the league instead went with the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins.

The Bills are 8-3, while the Jets are 7-4. The fact it also features a New York City market team and quarterback Josh Allen, it makes sense why the NFL coveted that game so much; even if the Jets QB appears to be Mike White for that matchup.

It remains to be seen if the league flexes the Dolphins at Bills game to Sunday Night Football for the week after, but considering the league just flexed a Dolphins game the week prior, perhaps that won’t happen after all.

I could absolutely see the league putting Dolphins at Bills in the Saturday night time slot; in fact, I would almost guarantee it if both teams (they will) have a winning record and it’s not flexed to Sunday.

The Bills do play the Cincinnati Bengals in prime time on Monday Night Football on week 17, so the Bills do have at least one prime time game left…but odds say they will have another one or two added before the playoffs.

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