They say that BillsMafia travels well.  But really, they're just all over the world.  If you need proof, check out this house that isn't even in Buffalo!

You used to have to travel far and wide to find Buffalo Bills fans.  Now, they're everywhere.  Just about anywhere you go you can find someone wearing a Buffalo Bills hat or hoodie these days.

Although not everyone is as vocal about it, some people tend to just decorate their homes elaborately.

Take, for instance, this house that isn't even in Buffalo.  It's in State College, Pennsylvania.  In the car, that's almost a 4-hour drive from here.  But when you look through the pictures of this beautiful home, you'll see that there was a big Bills fan that lived there.

It's pretty big too.  It's a 6 bedroom, 5 bath home.  It's 6,600 square feet and has everything you'd ever need in it. You've got to see the woodwork and the amazing fireplace in this house. It's got a gym, a sauna, a three-car garage, and of course, the incredible man-cave basement.

The master suite includes a fireplace and even its own balcony!

While I would imagine that most of the Buffalo Bills memorabilia like the jerseys and the mirror wouldn't transfer to the new owner, if you can afford a $1.3 million home, decking it out with some Bills stuff won't be an issue for you.

I'm not going to lie, I think I'd want the place just for the pond with the dock on it.  And the 6 acres that it's situated on wouldn't be bad either!

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