It's no secret that Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots fans don't care for one another. Yes, the dominance led by Tom Brady and New England for nearly 20 years is a part of that, but the Boston vs. Buffalo dynamic has always been a thing -- dating back to the Bruins and Sabres rivalry of the '80s.

As you can expect, this week has consisted of trash-talking between Bills and Patriots fans. Most of it is the same old stuff, like Bills fans ragging on Mac Jones' arm strength and calling the franchise, cheaters; while Patriots fans harping on the Super Bowl rings and the City of Buffalo. The friendly stuff as usual.

But one thing that has popped up this week is the fact that ticket prices are not that high for the playoff game at Highmark Stadium.

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Patriots Pulp on SB Nation, made the argument today that Bills Mafia must not be very excited or eager to support their team in this game, because of the ticket prices.

The assumption is because of the freezing temperatures, which are forecasted around zero degrees for game time on Saturday night.

As you can imagine, Bills fans let them know how they felt about the assumption that the Bills fanbase isn't eager to see this game in person.

This is for fun and games. It's low-hanging fruit to hope Bills fans get angry and it worked; but there's a mindset in sports that does allow this to have a marketplace.

In the end, the Bills could win on Saturday night and all of those (until next season) would go away. Tom Brady plays in Tampa Bay.

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