Buffalo Bills fans haven't enjoyed the thrill of too many playoff games over the years and of course there's that stretch of 17 straight seasons where the Bills ended up out of the playoffs.  But the games they have played certainly have left their mark.

The sports website New Arena has put out a list of the Top 30 playoff games over the past 30 years and the Bills figure prominently in it.  I leave it up to you to try to figure out which Bills playoff games made the list, but one glaring omission is Super Bowl XXV between the Bills and Giants which at the time was considered one of, if not the most exciting Super Bowls of all time.  It didn't end well for the Bills, but it came down to that wide right kick that Bills fans lament to this day.

So if Super Bowl XXV isn't on the list which other Bills playoff games could there be?  It really should be pretty simple...but where do they rank?

Check out New Arena's 30 Best NFL Playoff Games

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