Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley has been a star in Western New York ever since signing with the team back in 2019. Since then, Beasley has caught 150 passes and 1,700 receiving yards; while helping lead the Bills to back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time since 1998-1999.

Beasley has made news on social media this offseason, regarding vaccinations, masks, and how the NFL and NFLPA (players association) has handled vaccinated players and unvaccinated players.

Back in May, Beasley sparked controversy when he spoke out on Twitter about masks and getting vaccinated.

On Thursday, Beasley once again made news when he spoke out against the NFLPA, calling it "a joke," after news of the NFL and NFLPA agreeing on vastly different standards for vaccinated and unvaccinated players in 2021.

If a player is unvaccinated in the NFL, they're still required to be tested every day, while unvaccinated players won't have to be tested at all. Unvaccinated players must also remain in hotels during away games and not interact with people outside at restaurants, while vaccinated players are allowed to eat outside the team hotel. Just to name a few differences.

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It didn't sound like Beasley was pleased with the drastic differences between players who are vaccinated and unvaccinated. It's unclear how many Bills players are vaccinated but it will essentially be back to normal for players who did decide to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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