If you're my age (late 20's, early 30's), then you likely started watching the Buffalo Bills and Sabres between that 1997-2000 range.

The Bills roster consisted of the likes of Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, Eric Moulds, Antoine Winfield, Ruben Brown, Peerless Price and Pat Williams.

The Sabres had the likes of Dominik Hasek, Michael Peca, Stu Barnes, Miroslav Satan, Jay McKee and Curtis Brown.

I love what the Bills and Sabres wear right now -- the white helmets for the Bills and the royal blue for the Sabres, but I long for the days of the red helmets the Bills wore in the 90s and the black and red jerseys the Sabres wore from 1996-2006.

If you have not noticed, it certainly looks like both teams will bring both looks back in an alternate capacity next season.

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Last year, the NFL changed their helmet rule, which stated only one helmet may be used per season for each team. Now, teams can wear more than one helmet color, and that looks like the Bills could bring back the red helmets.

Just this week, a report says a leak had confirmed that the Sabres will be bringing back the black jerseys (the goat heads) in an alternate jersey capacity next season.

Many Buffalo sports fans can feel this next tweet.

The Bills even teased it last year, by the way.

I cannot wait for these to be worn again. I can't help it, I grew up with the black and red Sabres jerseys, and I watch the last two or three seasons of the red helmet days for the Bills (99-2001).

This will be amazing.

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