Sometimes the stars align just right.  For Buffalo sports fans, these three dates could be the perfect alignment.

Buffalo loves its sports teams.  Whether it's the Bills, the Sabres, the Bandits, the Bisons, Beauts, or another team, there's nothing that Buffalo fans love more than to cheer on their favorites.

This year, we will have three special days where we will be able to cheer two of them on in the same 24 hours.

The schedules are set for the Bills and the Sabres

It has been a pretty crazy off-season in Buffalo.  The Bills have made some big roster moves, and the NHL just had the first night of their draft the other night.  The Bills released their schedule last month and the Sabres just released their schedule the other day and so we are circling dates on our calendars.

To see the Buffalo Bills 2023-2024 Schedule click here.

To see the Buffalo Sabres 2023-2024 schedule click here.

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There are a couple of dates that might stand out there

If you compare the two schedules, there are a couple of dates that might stand out to you.  There are three dates where both the Bills and the Sabres will be playing on the same days.

On November 19th, the Bills are at home to take on the New York Jets at 4:25 pm.  The Sabres will be playing in Chicago on the same date at 7 pm.  So potentially, you could begin watching the Bills, then after the Bills game, catch the Sabres.

On December 23rd, the Bills will be playing the Chargers in Los Angeles at 8 pm.  The Sabres are in New York to take on the Rangers at 7:30 pm.  This one could be a problem.  You might have to do the picture-in-picture for this one or maybe watch one and check the score of the other.

On December 31st (New Year's Eve), the Bills have a 1:00 pm game at home against the Patriots.  Then the Sabres will be taking on Ottawa at 6 pm.  That should be a perfect day to watch Buffalo sports all day and still be able to watch the ball drop.

Is this perfect for Buffalo fans?  Or is it a Buffalo fan burden?

For the most part, two of the three dates will not be a conflict with either team.  It will be a full day of sports.  Neither team is at home at the same time, so you won't have to choose which game to go to.  However, the games on December 23rd will overlap.  So you're not going to really be able to pay attention to both at the same time.

What do you think?  Are these days perfect?  Or a pain?

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