To say the Bills have been playing poorly might be an understatement.  They've been pretty bad this year, and the ticket prices are starting to reflect the product on the field.

It's hard to entice people to come out of their warm homes in the middle of winter to watch a team that is struggling so badly...but The Bills are giving it their best shot.

According to Rochester First, the tickets for the December 30th game against the Miami Dolphins, a game that used to be one of the most coveted back in the Superbowl days, are starting at just $5.

That isn't the only game that's taking a hit right now.

Tickets at New Era Field when the Bills host the Jets and the Lions in December are extremely cheap too. Tickets for those games are starting at $7 and $6, respectively.

The Bills will face another AFC East team this Sunday as they hit the road to face the New York Jets.

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