Most Bills games this year have been fun, after all, they're 9-3 with a chance to win 10 games for the first time in 20 years!

But this Sunday's match-up at home against the Baltimore Ravens should be the most exciting game in the NFL this week.

That's because the two starting quarterbacks at New Era Field this Sunday, lead the NFL in rushing touchdowns for QB's (Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson).

Allen has eight rushing touchdowns, while Jackson has seven. Jackson has nearly 1,000 yards rushing while Allen is third among quarterbacks with nearly 450 yards. Both have combined for 43 touchdown passes and just 13 interceptions.

That's right, they can do it through the air or on the ground.

What's funny is out of all the big-time quarterback prospects coming out of college in 2018, nobody was more scrutinized than Allen and Jackson. Josh had knocks of not being accurate enough and coming from a small school (Wyoming), while Lamar Jackson was perceived by some to be a wide receiver, not a QB in the NFL.

The Bills are 9-3 and the Ravens at 10-2. They're probably the two hottest teams in the league and if you're going to the game on Sunday, it's sure to be a blast.

Go Bills!

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