Things are going to be much different in Bills Stadium this year.

Of course we knew that changes would be coming. We don't even know if we are going to be allowed in the stadium yet, but if we do here is who we expect NOT to see on the field.

The NFL sent out game day protocols for 2020  and they are drastically changed as to who is allowed within the team bench area. The idea is to protect the players and coaches who do not have a mask on and are most vulnerable.

  • No anthem singers allowed on the field
  • None of the guys who run the flags back and forth in the end zone will be allowed
  • No cheerleaders (not too hard for the Bills)
  • No network sideline reporters and pregame television reporters
  • No mascots

This means, no on-field appearances for Billy the Buffalo, even though, ironically, he has a mask on. Of course though, the mascot always has a handler with them, so that can contribute to the decision with no mascots.

We also found out, on a local level, that Orchard Park officials have said that there can be no tailgating at private lots this year because no fans are allowed in the stadium--no grass lot, no Hammer Lot, no lots on California. If fans are allowed in the stadium and that decision is reverse, the Orchard Park officials will revisit the situation.

The Bills are set to take on the New York Jets at the home opener on September 13, 2020.

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