A school closure was announced just before 7 this morning due to unexpected water damage sustained overnight. 

Local meteorologists have been reporting the storms that occurred overnight into Wednesday morning. Patrick Hammer from WGRZ shared this image of the amount of lightning around Buffalo and the Southtowns around 2:36 AM on Wednesday morning. 

You can see that image below. 

How Bad Was The Storm?

Many people outside of the Southtowns experienced lightning flashes briefly throughout the night. Western New Yorkers have been sharing on social media how their sleep was disrupted by the quick, unexpected storm. 

However, there was quite a bit of rain that fell in the Southtowns that coincided with the lightning strikes, with some reports showing that Hamburg experienced close to an inch of rain in an hour. (Typically, heavy rainfall is about .30 inches or more per hour.

Hamburg School Is Closed After Rainstorm

As a result, Hamburg Central School District announced that one of their schools has sustained water damage and would be unable to open for Wednesday, May 8. 

It is only the Hamburg Middle School that is closed for Wednesday due to the rainstorm from the previous night. 

All other schools in the Hamburg Central School District are open with normal operations. 

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Are Other Schools Closed Today?

At this time, no other schools have reported closures to us, but we will keep you posted. 

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