There was a strange type of accident that took place this week on the New York State Thruway that not only stopped traffic, it had many wondering how it could happen?

The weather is about to change again across New York State. The trees are starting to open and the flowers are blooming. However, it is about to feel like the start of fall than the start of spring.

Was it the weather? Or was it something else that caused the delays and rubber necking on the Thruway near Buffalo, New York.

The traffic reporters were having a hard time trying to investigate this one. As you can see in the photos from the broadcast on Channel 4 News, the white car is WAY off the road from where it should be.

Channel 4 Broadcast

The roads were starting to get wet. However, this looks a lot like the type of wreck we see in the winter when the roads are ice and snow.

Channel 4 Broadcast

As far as the traffic, it was backed up for miles as a result of this one. The unique part is that the car was way off the road and out of the way!

Be alert and watch for traffic delays this week. Keep in mind, the New York State Troopers and law enforcement will be looking for distracted drivers and those who don't follow the "Move Over Laws".

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones

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