It was a busy weekend for fire crews in a city in New York State as a fire was started by one of the most unique ways you can imagine.

The weather here in New York State is always a big topic of discussion as we can go from cold and snowy to warm and sunny in a matter of hours. The latest forecast is calling for more sunshine over the next couple of days and then some rain and milder temps.

The sunshine was nice to see after January's cloudy skies. There were only a handful of days that were considered sunny. However, as nice as the sunshine was to see, it was to blame for a fire at a liquor store in Syracuse, New York.

Fire crews were called to Geddes Liquor and Wine on West Genesee Street and after an investigation revealed the fire began after sunlight went through glass bottle containers and caused cardboard to ignite.

This was the first fully sunny day in a long time and social media was filled with responses to the fire and the rare way it got started.

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