New York is a huge state.  Evidently it's so big that when they were naming some of the towns here they decided to just use some of the same names for different places.

Did you know there are multiple sets of towns in New York that have the same name but are in a totally different part of the state?

Imagine going to college and telling people where you grew up.  You say, "I am from a town called Albion, New York" and someone else responds, "I'm from there too!"  Only to find out that you're both did live in Albion, but neither of you lived in the same town?

It's actually a pretty common occurrence in New York.  To be precise, it's the case for 10 different pairs of towns that share the same name but aren't even in the same counties. In most cases they're hours away from each other.

To be clear, I'm not talking about instances where there are towns and cities with the same name.  While that happens quite often in New York also, I'm talking about two completely different towns that are in two completely different parts of the state.

For example, there are two towns of Albion in New York State.  The Village of Albion is between Buffalo and Rochester, New York in Orleans County, and the Town of Albion is about two and a half hours east of that one in Oswego County.  Ironically, the Albion in Orleans County changed its name from Newport, New York because there was already another one town named Newport, New York.

There are nine more instances like that.  Here are the 10 towns that have "twin cities" in New York State.

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