Valentine's Day is coming in less than a week.  This means that you need a plan to come together in just a couple of days.

I hate Valentine's Day.  Have I ever mentioned that?  It's supposed to be a day where you show the person you love just how much they mean to you.  The problem is that in many cases it's almost a competition with other couples.

It doesn't have to be that way though.  There are plenty of ways that you can show someone you love them without breaking the bank and without the huge, flashy gestures.  Just show them that you put some thought into them.  That's the most basic rule.

However, there are a couple of ways to completely blow it.  So here are 7 things to avoid as we get closer to the big day.

No Pressure.

7 Ways To Blow It On Valentine’s Day In Buffalo

  1. Forget that it’s Valentine’s Day – This one shouldn’t be hard. It’s the same day every year and they remind you that it’s coming the second that Christmas is over.  Don’t forget.  You might want to celebrate it differently, but don’t forget to at the very least acknowledge it.
  2. Forget to make reservations – Going out on Valentine’s Day can be a struggle. People start making reservations early, and if you forget, you could easily find yourself ordering from a combo meal menu.
  3. The gift – If you choose to exchange gifts (you know…because love can be expressed by how much money you spend) then at the very least, make sure it’s something that they want. If they love the Bills and you’re getting them a jersey, make sure it’s a player that they like.  Don’t buy things like vacuum cleaners or dishwashers either.  That never ends well.  Thoughtfulness is all that matters when buying a gift for Valentine’s Day
  4. Ask for a date on February 13th – Now the pressure is on. Do you get a gift?  Do you not get a gift?  Here’s the answer:  Yes, you have to get a gift.  Don’t come empty-handed, even if it’s something simple.  And don’t ask for the date just so you aren’t alone on Valentine’s Day.
  5. Raise expectations – Don’t tell someone that you’ve got big plans on Valentine’s Day if you don’t. Don’t tell them as you get closer to the day that you got them some extravagant gift or made some big gesture if you haven’t.  There’s something to be said for underpromising and over-delivering.
  6. Planning something outside? Make sure your date knows! – In Buffalo, if you have big plans that could be impacted by the weather, you HAVE to let your date know so they can prepare for it.  Nothing will make it more miserable for them (or you) if they’re outside freezing their butt off.  If that means extra planning on your part to bring extra stuff, then make sure you’ve done that.
  7. Wait Until The Last Minute - Plan, plan, plan. Never play Valentine’s Day by the seat of your pants. Restaurants fill up quickly.  Gifts sell out and they take time to either make or have delivered.  Don’t EVER do this.  It never ends well.  Then have a backup plan just in case the original falls through.

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