"It got so bad they stopped playing us on the radio up (in Buffalo)".

How would the Buffalo Bills be right now? What would seriously be happening with the Buffalo Bills this very minute.

Bon Jovi (with Larry Tanenbaum of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and Edward Rogers of Rogers Communications), the Pegulas and Donald Trump all had bids in the ring to buy the Buffalo Bills back in 2014.

On Howard Stern today, Bon Jovi claims that it was Donald Trump that came up with the idea to plant Buffalonains the picture that Bon Jovi would move the team.

Jon Bon Jovi said that was never true.

People don't realize, I was really going to get a house (in Buffalo), I was going to move there; I was really, seriously, changing my life." Bon Jovi even claimed he went to therapy because of it later in the interview as well.

It’s genius what he did because he was taking out a serious candidate to buy the team and then hope that he would get it at a bargain price.

My first question is--why did he never say that then?

The Pegulas bid $1.4 million. Bon Jovi + co. bid $1.05--so he wasn't getting it regardless lol

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