Things are very tense around the world these days as we watch the war in the Middle East unfold. Back here at home in the United States, tensions are also high as protests are getting bigger. This comes as we are still waiting to see what will happen along the borders.

The Border Patrol has gotten a lot of attention these days and have been busier than ever as more and more "asylum seekers" are entering from the southern border. But it was an arrest by the CBP Officers in the Buffalo area that has many talking today.

CBP Officers in Buffalo have announced an arrest after a driver was caught going the wrong way!

According to a press release:

Yesterday, CBP officers encountered a commercial vehicle driven by Eloy Guadarrama Silva, a 21-year-old citizen of Venezuela. Guadarrama had made a wrong turn onto the Peace Bridge and did not intend to travel to Canada. During the primary inspection, Guadarrama Silva declared to CBP officers that he possessed a .40 caliber Ruger handgun and was subsequently escorted to secondary for further inspection. During the secondary examination, it was determined that the driver, currently residing in the state of Georgia, unlawfully possessed the firearm.

As we try to keep our nerves in check with what is happening in Israel, the President will speak to the nation on Thursday night at 8. New York's Governor is currently in Israel. New York State is home to the second largest Jewish population in the world aside from Israel.

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