Summertime is here!  The time of the year that kids have been looking forward to all school year.  Hopefully, you haven't already heard this word from them.

How many times have you already heard "I'm BORED!"?

They look forward to it pretty much once the school year starts.  They can't wait until summer.  There's so much they want to do, but then the second it gets here, you start to hear them start to whine...I'm bored!

What do you do when your kids say they're bored?

So many parents are starting to do their research now, looking for things for their kids to do this summer.  They plan trips and activities.  They buy toys and sign them up for sports.  But for some kids, it doesn't help.  No matter what you do for them, they're still bored.

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What should you do when your kids say they're bored?

This one is going to be tough for some parents to grasp.  If your kid comes to you and says they're bored, some psychologists claim that you should...let them be bored.  Instead of constantly trying to find activities for your kids every time they tell you they're bored, let them do it themselves.  If you let them work through it themselves, it encourages them to become more self-reliant and creative on how to fill their time.\

You could always use my dad's method

When we were little, we knew not to use the word "bored" ever.  My dad had a way to keep from ever hearing it from us.  When we would go to him and say those dreaded words, he would simply reply with, "if you're bored, I can find you something to do."  You see, there was always work to be done in his eyes.  So either we could find something to fill our time, or he would.  The things we chose were always more fun than what he would choose.  So to avoid having to work, we just never said them to him.  It was brilliant.

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