Shoppers get ready!! There is a great event in the Village of Hamburg this week! The weather looks great so get your friends and a comfy pair of sneakers for an afternoon of fun!

Over 20 different stores are participating and prizes are also being handed out!

The 6th Hamburg Boutique Crawl is happening this Friday from noon to 8pm! The list of participating store, vendors and breweries has grown!

We have been starting to plan a new "date" afternoon on Fridays and even though I am not the biggest fan of shopping, I am excited for a walk around the village and a few cold beers! There may have never been a better time than now to shop local and support local business. The COVID 19 pandemic took a toll on every industry but the "mom and pop" stores and businesses are the true backbone of any local community. In Hamburg, we are blessed to have so many options and a wonderful variety of boutiques and breweries!

As for the guidelines, The Hamburg Chamber reminds you that:

In order to keep contact to a minimum and alleviate any possible congregation areas we require masks to be worn in close proximity while attending this event.

See you in Hamburg this Friday!!!

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